A man on a train reads The Girl on the Train


I think I’m a really typical person when it comes to books. I want to read them. I do, I really do. But when you give me the option of a) a book, or b) any other type of inane distraction, whether it’s a great (or even distinctly average) box-set, a football match on TV, an Instagram sesh or just some classic YouTube videos of cats, then frankly I’ll take b) every time.

But then, very occasionally, and for no particular reason, I will get some kind of urge to read. Usually it’s the result of sheer envy. I want to be the type of person you see sitting in a cafe and just reading. I want to be that guy, sitting on a park bench, sipping a coffee and reading; glancing up thoughtfully every now and then, before submerging his head back in to the words. Reading.

It’s just so rare.

My book buying tends to be rather binge-like, too. Nothing for months. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, an Amazon delivery. Five books. (I’ll have Googled Top Books of the Year and just selected a few at random). One gets read, usually straight away. I might even start two on the same day. But slowly, and surely, they get put down. Tidied up. Placed on my shelf. Where books go to die.

Well, not this time. This time, I have two loo-ong train journeys. London to Edinburgh. Twice! That’s almost 24hrs of reading time. Plenty. The Girl on the Train is going to be my route back in to books. Here goes:

Journey One: OK, so I have watched almost an entire season of Mad Men….but I still have three journeys to go. Plenty of time.

Journey Two: My God, there is some interesting stuff on BBC iPlayer. Amazing. And did you know they have movies on there? I just watched Short Circuit! So 1980s. Still, two journeys to go. Plenty of time.

Journey Three: Am I really playing Angry Birds? Seriously, it’s not 2013.

Journey Four: Right, I have no other choice. I have watched every single YouTube video in existence. I have completed the internet. I have written Facebook messages to people I haven’t seen in a decade. There are still four hours of this journey left to go. There is literally almost nothing else to do. I have a hardback copy of The Girl on the Train in my hand.

I’m that guy! I’m that guy who reads!!

I love it -reading is great! I’m going to literally read all the time, from now on, forever. Nothing will get in my way.

Wait, Flight of the Navigator is on…?